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Long-range results

Up to 1,200 feet!


Never get into a cold car again.


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Invest in the best remote starter available

Enjoy a remote starter

We're proud to carry the Ultra Start 1270, one of the most

advanced remote starters commercially available. The Ultra Start

1270 uses a small, inconspicuous antenna lodged behind your vehicle's rearview mirror to recieve the signal from your fob,

allowing you to unlock and start your vehicle from much further

away than is possible with other remotes!


The remote's 4 simple buttons allow you to control your vehicle's locks, trunk, and starter from afar. Warm up your car before you

get into it, or unlock your car more conveniently!


Reach out to our certified and family-owned team today to learn

more about your options and our pricing.

Rest easy! When you turn to us for a brand-name starter from Ultra Start, you'll get quality that's GUARANTEED for the life of your vehicle.